Fintech Firebrand

January 2021: Episode one of Fintech Firebrand

Our roundup of all the finreg and fintech news this month, including M&A news to kick off the year and the outlook for US and EU financial regulation.

February 2021: Episode two of Fintech Firebrand

We take a look at the new SEC head and key changes in regulatory approach, ESG finreg developments across the globe and the lowdown on the first Gamestop hearing.


March 2021: Episode three of Fintech Firebrand

We highlight the progress related to Nasdaq’s diversity initiative and the UK FCA’s focus on diversity in light of SMCR, as well as an update on Gamestop hearing two and our new research on regulatory reporting.

April 2021: Episode four of Fintech Firebrand

Our roundup of the news around climate risk and ESG finreg, crypto’s status as a security, and data quality in EU regulatory reporting, as well as governance in the industry as a whole.