Fintech Firebrand

Fintech Firebrand Episode 19

July’s episode is all about crypto finreg progress across the globe, the EU’s ESG ratings review, the deep tech innovation agenda, bigtech regulation and how to conduct a successful fintech POC.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 18

June 2022’s episode examines the recent finreg actions related to ESG and greenwashing in the US and EU, the FTX roundtable with the CFTC on crypto and clearing, the new regulatory reporting association, and some thoughts on diversity in capital markets.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 17

May 2022’s episode examines the crypto crash and its potential impact on finreg, a quick lesson on green bleaching, a chat about the stats from the recent T2S report and some words on the importance of data culture and fintech.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 16

April 2022’s episode of Fintech Firebrand covers the digital finance, CBDC and meta verse explorations by the European regulators, progress in appointing new SEC and CFTC commissioners and the evolution of fintech – where business problems should come before technology!

Fintech Firebrand Episode 15

March 2022

March 2022’s episode of Fintech Firebrand covers the sanctions challenges related to the Ukraine conflict, supervisory technology or suptech, the introduction of CSDR penalties and thoughts on International Women’s Day.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 14

February 2022

A rundown of February 2022’s finreg and fintech news, including all things ESG, derivatives reporting, digital finance oversight and a preview of the risks to watch out for in the next 11 months.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 13

January 2022

January 2022’s episode with all your fintech and finreg news

Fintech Firebrand Episode 12

December 2021

The December 2021 episode of Firebrand Research’s roundup of all things finreg and fintech.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 11

November 2021

The November 2021 episode of Firebrand Research’s roundup of all things finreg and fintech.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 10

October 2021

October’s edition of Fintech Firebrand with all your fintech and finreg news.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 9

September 2021

This month’s fintech and finreg news with Firebrand Research.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 8

August 2021

This month’s episode with all the latest fintech and finreg news in capital markets. SEC and CFTC changes, post-trade challenges and more.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 7

July 2021

July’s episode of Fintech Firebrand covering everything from the finreg focus on SPACs, AML and compliance culture, to the lessons learned about AI in fintech.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 6

June 2021

Our roundup of the news around the Capital Markets Union in Europe, the SEC’s recent agenda items and the joys of partnerships between fintechs and financial institutions.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 5

May 2021

Firebrand Research’s May roundup of all the latest finreg and fintech news in capital markets

Fintech Firebrand Episode 4

April 2021

Our roundup of the news around climate risk and ESG finreg, crypto’s status as a security, and data quality in EU regulatory reporting, as well as governance in the industry as a whole.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 3

March 2021

We highlight the progress related to Nasdaq’s diversity initiative and the UK FCA’s focus on diversity in light of SMCR, as well as an update on Gamestop hearing two and our new research on regulatory reporting.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 2

February 2021

We take a look at the new SEC head and key changes in regulatory approach, ESG finreg developments across the globe and the lowdown on the first Gamestop hearing.

Fintech Firebrand Episode 1

January 2021

Our roundup of all the finreg and fintech news this month, including M&A news to kick off the year and the outlook for US and EU financial regulation.