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Join the FinReg conversations with the new Global Custodian podcast series 'There is always a FinReg Angle' and stay up to date on all the latest financial regulation news.


Episode 110: Predictions for 2021

Season 01
Episode 10
An end of year special, the FinReg team look back on an eventful year for FinReg and give their predictions and milestones to look out for in 2021.

Episode 109: Election special

Season 01
Episode 09

The FinReg experts discuss the impact of Joe Biden’s election on financial regulation, innovation and how the US will approach ESG under its new leadership.

Episode 108: Sibos Preview

Season 01
Episode 08
The FinReg experts case their eyes over this year’s Sibos Digital agenda and pick their highlights, while sharing some past Sibos experiences as the event nears.

Episode 107: AIFMD/UCITS harmonisation and SRD II go-live

Season 01
Episode 07
Sean Tuffy, Virginie O’Shea and the GC team are back to discuss the latest FinReg news including the proposed harmonisation of the AIFMD and UCITS frameworks, along with the rollout of SRD II.

Episode 106: Brexit and regulatory cooperation

Season 01
Episode 06
Sean Tuffy, Virginie O’Shea and the GC team are back to discuss the latest FinReg news and discuss the lingering issues and FinReg worries around Brexit, along with the effectiveness and challenges of regulatory cooperation.

Episode 105: Enforcement – go where the whistle blows

Season 01
Episode 05
Sean Tuffy and Virginie O’Shea are back to discuss the latest FinReg news and dig into the world of regulatory enforcement, discussing whistleblowing, rewards, penalties, the varying approaches from global watchdogs and more.

Episode 104

Season 01
Episode 04
Jon, Joe, Sean and Virginie discuss the notion of the ‘new normal’ for regulators and the industry alike, along with the cultural changes occurring within custody banks, frustration about the continued reliance on fax machines and the latest news updates including GC’s deep dive into BlackRock’s ambitions with custodian banks.

Episode 103

Season 01
Episode 03
Jon, Joe, Sean and Virginie are back to discuss the environmental, social and governance (ESG) regulatory issues following the release of a consultation paper in Europe last week. The episode also catches up on the latest news including an industry blow for hopes of a CSDR alteration and the measures the ECB has taken to avoid collateral shortage.

Episode 102

Season 01
Episode 02
The FinReg cast are back to discuss the latest regulatory developments in the fast-moving COVID-19 environment. We also dive into regulators and their engagement around sandboxes, how compliance teams are handing the crisis, Brexit and which regulator you would rather be quarantined with. As always subscribe and send us your feedback.

Episode 101

Season 01
Episode 01
Introducing you to the first episode of Global Custodian’s new podcast on financial regulation. Jon, Joe, Virginie and Sean discuss the global approach being taken by regulators, what they are actioning, where delays have been applied and what we can expect in the coming weeks. We also highlight questions around operational resilience, the dependency on cloud and VPNs and talk about our own experiences working remotely.

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The Unintended Consequences of Finreg

Season 01
Episode 02
Episode two of Margin Matters gets to grips with the intended and unintended consequences of derivatives regulation. Series regular Liam Huxley of Cassini Systems is joined by GAM Investments’ head of compliance Chris Beevor and DTCC’s Val Wotton to chat with host Virginie O’Shea of Firebrand Research about all things finreg for the buy side. We also take a quick look at the ongoing replacement of Libor and the nitty gritty of derivatives data with ISDA’s CDM.

Derivatives, WFH Edition

Season 01
Episode 01
In our inaugural Margin Matters podcast, fintech founders Liam Huxley of Cassini Systems and Christian Nentwich of Duco talk to Virginie O’Shea from Firebrand Research about how they got into the industry, what they’ve learned during the crisis and the unique challenges the industry has faced so far in 2020. We also delve into the regulatory delays for key pieces of derivatives regulation such as UMR and get the lowdown on what the European Commission has in store for the rest of the year.